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We elevate your content from 1 to 10

We elevate your content from 1 to 10

We elevate your content from 1 to 10

Content creators
that bring your visions to life.


Erin and Jake Photography provides photography, videography and drone services to create captivating, original social media content tailored to your exact branding needs.  Elevating your business branding, social media engagement and online presence with professional photography, videography and drone content shoots.

Aerial drone photography and videography by Erin & Jake Photography

How Can Erin and Jake Media
Help Your Content Goals?

Erin and Jake Photography, Videography and Drone will take your online presence to a professional level:

Grow Your  Following.

Professional quality content helps grow a following in three important ways: speaks directly to your target market, builds brand trust and stability, personalizes your online image.

Increase Your Authentic Engagement.

The engagement you gain across social media accounts will grow by creating content targeted directly to your target market's interests.

Personalize Your Online Presence.

Posting professional quality content, consistently, is a great way to connect with your audience on a professional level; while also building personal connection with your brand and brand trust.

Elevate Your Brand That Speaks Directly To Your Target Market.

Erin and Jake Media will help you identify who your target market is while creating quality social media content that engages your brand with your target market.

Erin & Jake Photography social media



Professional photography helps to increase Instagram and Facebook post engagement by providing high-quality images that help:

  • Draw in more followers.

  •  Create a sense of trust and reliability for your brand.

  • Attract new customers.

  • Show off a product or service in a more professional way.

  • Help to increase engagement and sales.

black and white fashion model in studio


Reel Content Shoots

Reels are an important tool for your brand as they allow you to create and share engaging content quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Reels can be used to engage with customers, showcase products, build brand loyalty, and drive sales while reaching a wider audience. 


silhouette Jake flying drone



 Professional video content has the power to capture attention, evoke emotions, and create a lasting impression – all of which are key elements for creating an effective and engaging audience centered around brand awareness. Viewers are naturally drawn to visuals, and video provides an opportunity to grab attention and make an impact on your audience or fanbase in a short amount of time. 

What kind of content are you looking for?

Photo + Video + Drone

Social Media photography & videography by Erin & Jake Photography


  • 2-hour session 

  • Location or studio 

  • Online Viewing and Ordering 

  • 10 web-ready images, professionally retouched. 

  • 72-hour turnaround


  • 2-3 hour session

  • 2-Shooter coverage

  • 10 Web-ready images

  • HD video (up to 4k if desired) 

  • Location or studio photo and video shoot 

Live music and event videography coverage
drone silhouette sunset


  • 3-hour session

  • 2-Shooter coverage

  • 20 Web-ready images

  • HD video (up to 4k if desired) 

  • Custom crystal and gold Erin & Jake Photography USB drive to store your content. 

  • Location or studio photo, video and drone session,

* Drone flown on outdoor location only.