I started working for Spyder Surfboards as the manager of their online retail store in 1999. One of my responsibilities was photographing all of the clothing and various products as they arrived in the store and preparing the images for the website.

I was raised in Hermosa Beach, California and worked about a hundred yards from the pier. I often found myself on the beach after work until well after sunset, shooting hundreds of photographs with hope that one of them would somehow tell my story better than the rest. It was then that I discovered a powerful connection between the world, my camera and me. It was as if my camera helped me to appreciate the beauty and artistry surrounding me that I had previously taken for granted. I began to look at the world through my viewfinder…

The most inspiring part of photography is finding and capturing what are seemingly unspectacular moments in time and reveal them to be candid and timeless portraits of people, places and events. 

My passion is to take photographs which inspire me, no matter the subject. It could be the lines and symmetry created by a downtown skyline. It could be a macro shot showing the details and texture of a water drop, or traveling a long distance to take a long-exposure of a waterfall in the forest. It could be catching a special look from a mother to her son on his wedding day, or capturing photos of an undiscovered and talented band or musician.

-Jake Roach


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