Capturing timeless Maternity images during life's most precious moments.

Is there anything more distinctly female than pregnancy? 
It’s an amazing, feminine experience!

Celebrate your body's beautiful transformation and the intimate bond with your baby
with a private maternity photo session with Erin & Jake Photography. 

“I am in LOVE with all the amazing photographs Erin & Jake took for my maternity shoot, they did a phenomenal job. The drone added a creative touch and have so much art to cherish forever! We will definitely come back to Erin & Jake for future events!”
— Fregnelly Odeth
“I hired Erin & Jake to document my entire pregnancy journey after I found out I was pregnant with my miracle rainbow baby. From the pregnancy announcement, live drone gender reveal plus a full photoshoot, to the EPIC maternity shoot they traveled 8 hours for... PHENOMENAL. The photos have been featured on top maternity instagram accounts and will even be featured in an international magazine for Mother’s Day.”
— Michaela Morris
“Maternity photos so beautiful I cried. I never took professional photos before so I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Erin & Jake handled us with care and did a great job relaxing us. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while and left with life long memories and art to symbolize it! Thanks, Erin & Jake!”
— Nicole Harris
As seen in First Time Parent Magazine: 

Our Story

We are Erin & Jake Photography, a husband and wife photography duo located in Los Angeles, California. Our journey together began in 2009 when Erin moved back to Los Angeles from Northern California. Introduced through a close friend, and instantly bonded over our mutual love for photography, travel, adventure and art. Inseparable ever since we formed Erin & Jake Photography in 2010 and when our itch for adventure inspired us, we eloped to Las Vegas in 2013.
Our approach to photography as a team:
Photography allows us to create art rooted in reality. This enables us to create art out of moments that would otherwise blend into the past, unnoticed. Inspiration comes in all forms when specializing in such a wide range of photography genres. Above all, we are inspired most by the beauty in movement, the mood of clean lines in tandem with elegant symmetry, and the endless ways we can artistically manipulate light. 
Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business, we believe that great creativity is often the result of a cohesive team effort; therefore, we value working closely with our clients as well as each other. Whether working a wedding, head shots, concerts, fashion shoot or event, we approach every project with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm.
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-Erin & Jake