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Big Bear Lake Drone Project

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

It was a spur of the moment decision. I was working from home that day and Erin suggested we head up to the mountains for a day of drone flying and photography. It was the middle of the week, we had a good snow the week before and we were both eager to fly the drone in the snow. Less than an hour later, we were on the road to Big Bear. Although it is only a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, it feels days away from the city.

The drive up the mountain in the afternoon was beautiful. The mountains were full of snow. The light breeze in the air would blow snow from the trees, and the snow would glisten in the golden afternoon light as it fell to the ground.

We arrived in the late afternoon, grabbed a late lunch and scouted the area for some places to fly the drone. We decided to get a room for the night and found a steal of a deal. For less than $100 we found ourselves in our own log cabin in the woods. The cabin had a full kitchen and a living room with a hot tub in it! We cooked our dinner on the stove and had a quiet night in front of the fire. It was the best hotel room we have had yet.