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This last year has been a non-stop wild ride for Erin & Jake Photography. As we specialize in a wide variety of photography genres, we have had some incredible project opportunities all over the United States. From fashion shoots in Los Angeles and New York, to weddings in Florida, Hawaii and Oregon, engagement shoots in the California wine country, drone projects all over the West Coast.. it has been almost impossible to put Erin & Jake Photography in one particular box.

Most clients hiring Erin & Jake Photography, tend to want more than just photos… but  an experience. They usually have a creative vision for an awesome shoot  and they want us to capture their vision artistically. Photos that will forever take them back to memories they have been bonded with and would like to monumentally celebrate. Thus, we “photograph anything that can be photographed.”

Fashion – Weddings –  Engagements – Live Music – Band Portraits – Album Art – Maternity – Newborn – Headshots – Fine Art – Landscapes – Family 


Drone Photography & Videography 

Photography allows us to create art rooted in reality. This enables us to create art out of moments that would otherwise blend into the past, unnoticed. Inspiration comes in all forms when specializing in such a wide range of photography genres. Above all, we are inspired most by the beauty in movement, the mood of clean lines in tandem with elegant symmetry, and the endless ways we can artistically manipulate light.

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