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Patrick Bojanic review of Erin & Jake Photography

Patrick Bojanic, CEO Sparam Enterainment

As CEO of Sparam Entertainment, I was searching for a team of people that shared my creative idea and vision for our Live Streams. Erin & Jake were my answer. The attention to detail, technical and creative knowledge, ideas and product that they bring to the table is incredible and a cut above. From pre production discussions to final execution, the level of professionalism, talent and expertise that Erin & Jake bring to the table is exemplary.

They have taken our product to the next level and in turn have helped our company to reach new heights and garner the respect of some of the biggest executives in the music industry. Not only have they helped us with our Live Streaming but are also our go to for photo shoots for album artwork to artist promotion. They take every step seriously and care about the final product, helping us and our artists realize their vision, allowing us to reach the greater world with our products. I 100% recommend Erin & Jake Photography for any situation. They are truly THE BEST.

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