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We are Erin and Jake Photography! Los Angeles based photographers, videographers and drone pilots with a personalized approach to creative, fine art portrait photography, videography and aerial art. 

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Erin and Jake Photography FAQs

What do I wear to my photoshoot?

Selecting the right wardrobe for your photoshoot is essential in achieving the desired look and feel for your images. Consider the purpose and style of your photoshoot, whether it's a formal portrait, casual lifestyle shoot, or something in between. For a classic and timeless look, solid colors or subtle patterns work well, avoiding overly busy or distracting clothing. Coordinating outfits for group or family photos can enhance the overall visual appeal. Additionally, think about the location and setting of your photoshoot, as your clothing should complement the surroundings. Lastly, wear clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable, as this will reflect positively in your photos. Collaborating with Erin and Jake Photography and discussing your vision can also provide valuable insights and help you make the best wardrobe choices for your specific photoshoot.

For a more in-depth article about What Do I Wear To My Photoshoot visit the Erin and Jake Photography blog.

Do you need a permit to shoot in LA?

Yes! Commercial filming, photoshoots, and productions, without permission is illegal in Los Angeles. If you are working with a permit, FilmLA provides resources to help make your production a success and run smoothly.

For basic permits, you will need 3-7 business days to process a permit in Los Angeles. Processing times vary based on shoot requirements and jurisdiction. More complicated permits (street closures, special effects, gun fire, stunts, etc.) and permits that require multiple jurisdiction permits may take up to 6-10 business days.

How many pictures should I expect from a one hour photoshoot?

The number of pictures you can expect from a one-hour photoshoot can vary depending on several factors, including the photographer's shooting style, the complexity of the session, and your specific needs. Generally, you can anticipate receiving anywhere from 50 to 100 professionally retouched images from a one-hour session. However, it's important to prioritize quality over quantity.

Erin and Jake Photography will capture a mix of candid moments and carefully composed shots, ensuring that each image meets a high standard of excellence. During post-production, we will select and edit the best photos to provide you with a final collection that beautifully captures the essence of your session. Ultimately, the focus should be on delivering images that tell your story and fulfill your expectations, rather than a specific quantity.

Does Erin and Jake Photography have a photo studio in Los Angeles?

Yes! Erin and Jake Photography’s studio is located in Downtown Los Angeles in the Arts District. Erin and Jake Photography studio offers clients: lounge area, microwave, refrigerator, hair and makeup room, private changing room. Our studio offers gated paid parking and free street parking options.

Do you offer videography and drone services too?

Yes! We offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to your photography and videography needs. Our team is experienced in photography, videography, cinematography, and drone services, ensuring that we can capture your special moments from every angle. Whether you're looking for stunning photos, captivating videos, cinematic storytelling, or breathtaking aerial views, we've got you covered. Feel free to let us know your specific requirements, and we'll work together to create a visual masterpiece that exceeds your expectations and preserves your precious memories in the most captivating way possible.

Should I get professional hair and makeup for my photoshoot?

Opting for professional hair and makeup for your photoshoot can make a significant difference in the quality of your images. Professional hair and makeup artists are skilled in creating looks that enhance your features, ensure you look your best, and are camera-ready. Their expertise in color coordination, contouring, and styling can help you feel more confident and look naturally beautiful, which translates into stunning photographs.


Whether it's for a personal portrait session, headshots, maternity, musician shoot, or a professional branding shoot, professional hair and makeup can help you achieve a polished and flawless appearance that will make your photos shine. It's an investment that can greatly elevate the overall quality and impact of your images, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best during your photoshoot.

Do you require a deposit to book my photoshoot?

Erin and Jake Photography requires a 50% deposit to solidify your shoot date. This deposit is at no additional cost and will be put toward end payment balance for your photoshoot and or videoshoot. We accept venmo, debit, credit cards, cash and checks.

How much do photographers charge in LA?

The cost of hiring a photographer in Los Angeles can vary widely based on numerous factors. These include the scope and complexity of your project, the type of photography services you require (e.g., photography, videography, drone), the duration of the shoot, and any necessary permits. Additionally, post-production work, such as editing and retouching, can also impact the overall cost.


To get an accurate pricing quote, it's crucial to discuss your specific needs and goals with Erin and Jake Photography, Videography and Drone in a complimentary consultation.  We can provide a customized quote based on your project's unique requirements. Keep in mind that Los Angeles offers a wide range of photography professionals, each with their own pricing structure, so it's essential to find a photographer whose style and pricing align with your vision and budget.

Where can I do a photoshoot in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles offers a plethora of fantastic locations for photoshoots, catering to a wide range of styles and moods. You can choose from iconic landmarks like the Griffith Observatory, the Santa Monica Pier, or the Arts District for an urban vibe. If you prefer nature settings, Griffith Park, Malibu's beaches, or the serene gardens at The Huntington Library are great options. For a touch of history and architecture, the Getty Center or the Walt Disney Concert Hall provide stunning backdrops.


The city's diversity allows you to capture the essence of your vision, whether it's a glamorous fashion shoot, a casual lifestyle session, a killer musician shoot, an elegant maternity photoshoot or anything in between. Be sure to check for any permits or permissions required for specific locations, and consider the time of day for optimal lighting, as Los Angeles offers fantastic opportunities for beautiful photoshoots year-round.

For a list of Erin and Jake Photography’s list of Top Photoshoot Locations in Los Angeles, read more on our photography blog.

Where can I take outdoor photos in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a treasure trove of outdoor photography locations, offering a diverse range of backdrops to suit various styles and moods. You can explore the scenic beauty of Griffith Park, which includes the iconic Griffith Observatory with panoramic views of the city, or venture to the sandy shores of Santa Monica Beach for a coastal vibe. The Arts District in downtown LA provides an urban and artistic backdrop, while the historic architecture of Olvera Street and Union Station offers a touch of old-world charm. If you're looking for natural beauty, consider the serene landscapes of Malibu Creek State Park or the botanical gardens at The Huntington Library. The options are virtually limitless, allowing you to capture the essence of your vision and create stunning outdoor photos that showcase the beauty and diversity of Los Angeles.

There are so many wonderful places to do a photoshoot in Los Angeles we made a list of our Top Locations in Los Angeles For Photoshoots on the Erin and Jake Photography blog. 

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Photography and Videography team, specializing in luxury portrait photography, serving: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco,  Humboldt County and Oregon.

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