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Surfer Girl Maternity Photoshoot and Drone Shoot In The Pacific Ocean | Southern California

Updated: May 8, 2023

Maddy and Tyler are pregnant with a baby girl! For Maddy's maternity photoshoot she wanted to go all out with photos, video and drone while incorporating her hobby and the love for the ocean. Thrilled with such an amazing opportunity for stunning maternity photos, we reached out to local sailing captain and found a safe option to take us out on the pacific ocean. Further safety precautions were taken and Maddy's dad suited up in a wetsuit and was in the water just out of frame.

Our goal was to have Maddy in the water for the shots, go through a certain amount of poses and pull her out as quickly as possible. We were blessed with a warm day and calm waters. We were incredibly impressed with Maddy's athleticism so late in her pregnancy., 8 months!

Take a peek at Maddy's Pacific Ocean Maternity Photo, Video & Drone Shoot!

Destination maternity photographer Erin and Jake Photography

maternity instagram: @socalmaternity

main instagram: @erinjake

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