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What To Wear To Your Musician Photoshoot

Updated: May 8

Planning the perfect wardrobe to capture your style, personality and branding for your musician portrait photoshoot can be stressful. Here are Erin & Jake Photography's top 13 tips to styling your musician portraits, album cover looks and social media promotional content fashion.

Los Angeles musician portrait photography
Singer Songwriter, Tatiana Erse in Los Angeles California. © Erin & Jake Photography

1. Branding Is Everything!

Before promoting yourself professionally, always consider your branding. Branding is everything.

Photographs, if successfully executed, have the power to engage your fans (and those who may become fans) beyond the listening experience. The right photo can spark a reader's interest to learn more about you and your music.

What style genre is your music? What demographics are you targeting? What are your goals with your music?