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Wildflower Destination Wedding Elopement with Rae and Jonathan | Erin and Jake Photography

Updated: Jan 30

Bride and Groom sitting on a blanket in a field of yellow wildflowers

You aren't even ready for the cuteness and romantic overload of this destination elopement wedding in Palos Verdes California! Easily one of our favorite elopements to date. Rae and Jonathan met at an airport. Jonathan is a pilot, Rae is a flight attendant. Stunned by her beauty, Jonathan approached Rae in between flights. Rae said she was having a hard day and wasn't really in the mood to talk... at first. They hit it off and started dating. They fell in love, flew all over the world for work and vacation and got engaged. When they began planning their wedding, Covid-19 Pandemic caught the world by surprise. The global pandemic grounded their flights, but also postponed their wedding plans.

Before the pandemic hit, Rae and Jonathan were already leaning towards the idea of an intimate destination wedding with the possibility of Elopement.

The pandemic seemed to add even more clarity and perspective to their love. Rae and Jonathan knew what was truly important in life and wanted to share it, together, safely.

As the world opened back up again, we were contacted by Rae and Jonathan to photograph their destination elopement. What we ended up planning was an absolute honor in our career and an event we will never forget.

The four of us planned their entire elopement. It was just Rae and Jonathan and Erin and Jake. On an ocean front cliffside covered in yellow wildflowers in Palos Verdes.

Bride and Groom kiss at their destination wedding elopement at the beach

Bride and groom embrace on a trail of yellow wildflowers at their destination elopement wedding

The couple got dressed on location! A first glance was witnessed, photographed and recorded on video. Rae and Jonathan had never seen each other dressed up and Rae had kept her wedding dress a traditional secret from Jonathan. As Rae, walked down the path, surrounded by wildflowers, Jonathan waited half way down with his back turned. Rae taps his back, Jonathan turns around to see his bride in all of her stunning beauty, surrounded by wildflowers as bright and sunny and her smile. There was not a dry eye on location, folks.

Rae and Jonathan exchanged vows, alone together, on the clifftop. Waves crashing below, the yellow wildflowers blew in a soft ocean breeze. The couple kissed with laughter, tears of happiness. Jonathan dipped Rae and suddenly, there they were... dancing their first impromptu dance as man and wife.

They wanted more for their family and friends to remain socially distant and safe but ended up with one of the most beautiful, intimate and passionate love stories we have ever witnessed. They didn't need all the wedding bells and whistles, they didn't need a party... all they needed was love.

Bride and groom standing on a cliff over the ocean at sunset

Erin and Jake Photography Wedding photography and videography

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