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Tarashaun & Josh Engagement Photoshoot in Hermosa Beach California

Updated: May 9

It is a special time of year at the beach in Southern California. The days are short, the air is crisp and the sunsets are spectacular. Every so often, the warm Santa Ana winds blow through and create absolutely perfect weather conditions for romantic beach engagement photos.

This was the case when Erin and I met Tarashaun and Josh at the pier in Hermosa Beach in the afternoon of January 14th for their engagement photo shoot. We were originally scheduled to meet in the morning to take advantage of the soft, diffused light and calm winds. However, the weather shifted the previous day, and we felt we would get the best photos in the afternoon light, without a threat of wind.

It turned out to be the right decision.

We met Tarashaun and Josh at 2:30pm, with the sun due to set at 5:07pm. This gave us close to three hours to walk around the beach and capture amazing photographs of a beautiful couple…talk about work! 😉