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10 Tips To Taking Your Best Model and Acting Headshots

Updated: May 8, 2023

10 Tips To Taking Your Best Model and Acting Headshots:

  1. Listen to your agent! Your agent knows best when it comes to selling your look and booking you work. They know what job opportunities are current, popular and worth casting for. When it comes to booking your headshot session, it is especially important to listen to your agent's advice and requests. On top of knowing what is most profitable for your career, they will also notice if you take their advice or not. Professionally speaking, it is crucial to listen to your agent.

  2. No alcohol for at least 72 hours before your headshot session It's no secret that we all look better without alcohol. Have you ever caught your reflection in a mirror with florescent lighting during a night out drinking with your friends? Yikes!.. Am I right? After three days with no alcohol you will notice an improvement in your skin, the bags under your eyes, and the puffiness in your face. After days 4-7, and all of your body’s systems are back to their usual working levels. You may find that you have more energy and better concentration. Even if you toss and turn a bit at first, you’ll get better-quality sleep and probably wake feeling more refreshed the next day. When taking close-up photos of your face, choosing to stay away from alcohol at least three days before your shoot is one of the best things you can do for skin prep! The second would be to eat healthy, fresh foods with lots of water.

  3. Arrive well-rested to your headshot session We all need our beauty sleep. Going to be early the night before your headshot session will help you feel and look your best. Taking good headshots is more complicated than just standing there looking sexy. Being well-rested and able to concentrate at your top level is crucial to building your career to the level you strive for.

  4. Hire a professional makeup artist & hair stylist. The easiest way to look your best for your headshot session is to hire professionals who specialize in hair and makeup. Unless you are one of the few people who can absolutely nail their hair and makeup looks the day of the shoot, we highly recommend hiring a professional to properly highlight your facial features. If you aren't 100 percent at doing your own hair and makeup, we highly recommend hiring a professional to properly highlight your facial features. If you need some help finding the right hair and makeup team, we have several makeup artists we can recommend, and we have a hairstylist on our team! At Erin & Jake Photography Headshots, we have a few makeup artists to choose from and a hairstylist on team!

  5. Choose timeless wardrobe Part of getting the best headshots is considering how long they can be considered "fresh, active, working" headshots. Wearing a timeless wardrobe will give you the the longest use out of your headshots. Plain tops in neutral tones last the longest. They are forever timeless and never date your headshots with fads and trends. If you wear current fashion trends in your headshots, your photos will appear dated once the fashion trend passes. This means you will need to get another batch of fresh headshots sooner than you want. To get the most bang for your buck, go timeless.

  6. Highlight your character strengths Staying authentic is the best way to portray your character clearly. The real you is the best you. Knowing your character strengths will help you highlight your character variety or look variety and get the most of your headshot session. If you aren't clear of your strengths, you may get a set of shots that aren't your favorite or miss the mark with your agency. By knowing your strengths, it prevents you from forcing characters that aren't really your best. A full circle of keeping your headshot session authentic, light, fun and professional.

  7. Play music during your shoot that gets you in an inspired/uplifted mindset It is quite common for passionate freelancers to get nervous for their headshots. Your headshots act as your first impression for new job opportunities. They speak for you and land you auditions, callbacks, etc. Playing music that gets you pumped up will help distract you from your nerves. If you are more relaxed, you will get better photos and more variety from your headshot session. We always have a bluetooth speaker in our studio and ask our clients which Spotify playlists are their favorites. We also mention this during our consultations so clients have the opportunity to plan ahead!

  8. Take extra wardrobe options to your photoshoot If you aren't sure about your wardrobe, bring extra options with you to your headshot photoshoot. Your photographer can help you finalize your look and provide advice to get the most out of your chosen selections. For example, you can do a lot with layering; it goes a long way!

  9. Have a consultation with your headshot photographer A professional headshot photographer is a valuable asset to utilize when planning your headshot session. Your photographer likely works closely with casting agencies, managing agencies, and modeling agencies. They hear what is working and what styles are booking work. They how to help you choose wardrobe to have your headshots last as long as possible for you...or help you take headshots that you will book an agent or agency with. There are definite do's and dont's, and your headshot photographer can help guide you along and achieve the best headshots for your branded career goals.

  10. Capture variety in your headshots The more variety you have in your professional modeling and acting headshots, the more variety in audition opportunities will come your way. Double bonus: If you take a variety of professional headshots back to your agent, they will be very pleased. Taking a variety of on-brand headshots shows them that you respect their time and advice, understand your own career path, and you support their advice. You always want your agent to know that you are open to their advice and feedback. Best of luck with your headshot session! If you are still looking for a headshot photographer in the Los Angeles/ Hollywood Area, you can schedule a consultation on our website: Erin & Jake Photography Headshots

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