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Fanfiction: A Behind The Scenes Look At Glennellen Anderson's New Music Video!

Updated: May 8, 2023

Glennellen Anderson released her "delightful and demonic" EP titled: Unbirthday. Amongst the songs on her EP is a vulnerable, relatable and honest song about unhealthy, controlling and manipulating relationships titled: Fanfiction.

The video was shot on location at sunrise in Joshua Tree.

Listen to 'Fanfiction' out now:

Director - Glennellen Anderson and Taylor Krause

Production Co. - Better Off Red Records ℗

Costarring - Harry Holmes

Cinematography - Taylor Krause

BTS Photographer - Erin Delsigne

Creative Makeup/Hair - Olivia Marie

Prod. Assistant - Katherine Maya

Producer - Taylor N. Krause

Creative Director - Glennellen Anderson

Executive Producer - Better Off Red Records Ⓒ

Special thank you to this music video's sponsor, YUMMIE. ♡

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