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Michaela’s Maternity Photoshoot at the Algodones Sand Dunes

Updated: May 9, 2023

On November 14, 2017, Michaela and her 5-year-old daughter, Esi, piled into our car and headed on four and a half hour road trip, Southeast, to the Algodones Dunes for an EPIC Maternity photoshoot…and quite the wild adventure!

The Algodones Dunes is a large stretch of sand dunes located in the southeastern portion of California, near the border with Arizona and the Mexican state of Baja California. In fact, we were only 17 miles from the California/Arizona border! One heck of a day trip, even without the whole nine months pregnant, photoshoot, 14 hour day, and a 5 year old on top!

When we got closer to Algodones Dunes, we saw a calming stretch of sand along the base of the mountains 30 minutes before we arrived to the dunes themselves. As we pulled into the recreational area and got out of the car, it was absolutely shocking how beautiful it was. There’s golden sand as far as the eye can see! Hills rolling for miles, tire tracks drawing beautifully textured paths.. inviting us to get lost in the stunning simplicity of sand and endless miles of quiet solitude.

The four of us decided to have a parking lot picnic before we started shooting! As we ate, Jake put our drone, Ray Ray 1, in the air to scout a safe location with some privacy. We met some awesome people who were camping and off roading for the weekend; they even offered to take us (a pregnant woman) for a ride out on the dunes. HAHA!

As we wrapped up lunch, the sun came out to play, and provided peeks of blue sky between the clouds. I knew then, golden hour was going to be amazing. IT WAS. We climbed sand dunes, made sand angels, and played with shadows and glitter. We had drone photos and video, a body chain designed specifically for this shoot, and a full 3 hour photoshoot with four wardrobe changes! By 3:45 the most unbelievable golden light stretched across the dunes. Michaela was absolutely radiant, glowing, and elegant. A Goddess.

We called wrap shortly before the sun dropped behind the west side of the dunes. We took a few minutes to enjoy the rest of the sunset on top of the dune… and It was the perfect way to end such a magical maternity photoshoot at Algodones Dunes.

Photographing Michaela’s maternity journey with her miracle rainbow baby has been an absolute honor. From her pregnancy announcement photoshoot, to the live drone gender reveal and photoshoot.. and now her Maternity shoot!

Whether you’re looking for an amazing adventure or one-of-a-kind scenery, Glamis has it all. There’s no other place like this in the world, so do yourself a favor and check it out!

Time has gone by so fast! It’s hard to believe we will be meeting Michaela’s beautiful baby girl soon! I expect my phone to ring anytime, to let me know it’s time for delivery room photos.

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