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Take Part in the Erin & Jake Photography Poppy Field Experience

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

It’s that time of year again, and it’s shaping up to be one to remember! The hills of Southern California are coming alive with a Poppy super bloom thanks to a plentiful and well-timed winter rainy season.

Our excitement for the 2019 poppy season in full bloom, we invite you to join us on location in the middle of the poppy fields for the Erin & Jake Photography Poppy Field Experience: a complete photography, videography and drone package!

Whether you are planning an engagement shoot, a family portrait session, a maternity shoot, senior portraits, headshots…you name it, let’s spend the day taking photos, shooting video and capturing stunning aerial imagery from our drone to create a unique and memorable experience.

This includes a 1-hour session with Erin & Jake, where we will both have a camera in our hands, snapping photos and capturing candid videos. We will also fly our drone to take photos and videos from unique perspectives. Finally, we will combine the photos and videos to create a professionally edited 3-5 minute video/slideshow played to music of your choice. This is a must-have for sharing among family and friends!

The poppies won’t last long, so don’t wait! Our availability is limited and spots are going to go quickly. Contact us to discuss how we can custom design your poppy field photoshoot and reserve your spot for the Erin & Jake Photography Poppy Field Experience.

Where to find the Poppies:

1. Lake Elsinore around Walker Canyon – Currently in peak! 2. Temecula – Currently in peak! 3. Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve – The website is currently reporting they are not in peak yet. They will likely appear in Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in late March to early April. Visit their website to keep updated on the 2019 Poppy super bloom

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