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Skoolie Life | Erin and Jake Photography

“Skoolie living” refers to people who convert school buses (known as “skoolies”) into habitable tiny homes on wheels! Erin and Jake Photography announces today that we are taking our life and work on the road full time. Yes, we are in the early stages of planning and transitioning to Skoolie life!

chart with images of the school bus types
We are deciding between Type A and Type B

Planning and building our skoolie will take a year or more. There is a lot to consider, plan, build and downsize.

We will be building our bus in Humboldt County and living between Humboldt County and Los Angeles.

As destination photographers, videographers and drone pilots, this has been a life dream for us, both.

We will be blogging our process and giving anyone interested in Skoolie Living, a detailed inside look at what the process really takes. By the time we hit the road, we should have a good manual on how to plan, build and hit the road in your very own Skoolie.

I'm sure, if you know us personally, you may be asking why at this point!

We are people that are happiest living minimally, focusing on what truly matters to us in life. We enjoy traveling but want to experience the different cultures and lifestyles of the United States.

Traveling as often as we do for Erin and Jake Photography for destination photoshoots, skoolie life would allow us to photograph in all of the places we have always wanted to.

On location for client photoshoots and video shoots, we will be able to utilize the bus as a homebase to change clothes, use the restroom, access the internet in remote locations, stay warm or keep cool and eat together on breaks. So overall, the bus would be a great way to keep our future clients comfortable on tough remote locations and still pamper them!

Our plan is to live in the bus for at least one year, rent free, as we travel the country seeing everything we have always wanted to and photographing people, places and new things.

Together we have started the process of downsizing our lives and relocated half time to Humboldt County. We are looking for a school bus to buy and will start building this summer if we are lucky!

professional photographers portrait of Erin Delsigne and Jake Roach

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