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What To Wear To Your Headshot Photoshoot

Updated: May 8, 2023

Are you a little stressed out choosing your wardrobe for your professional model or acting headshot photoshoot?

It is important to represent your best self so you can book consistent jobs you deserve. So we get it! Here are Erin and Jake Photography's top 8 tips on what to wear to your headshot photoshoot based on what we hear most from agencies and managers.

Here are 8 headshot wardrobe tips to consider:

1. Character Relatability & Versatility In commercials, film, television and modeling, you will see "characters" who are relatable to large groups of people. If your headshot wardrobe is uniquely styled to one niche, your headshots will be less effective in booking you consistent work. We recommend going with a variety of options: at least one classic look, and two to three looks that are styled to different character roles. Follow trends but keep it simple and classic so your agents can have versatility in shopping you around as much as possible.

2. Contrast People with lighter skin tones should avoid pale and muted pallets; because it will wash them out. Similarly, people with darker skin tones should avoid dark colors such as navy, dark brown, or black. Portraits look best when there is significant contrast between skin and clothing.

3. Classic VS. Trendy Sticking to classic wardrobe allows your headshots to work for you, longer. Classic lives forever; trends are fads that will come..... and then go. Classic looks will help add stability in your headshot bookings. As long as there are no changes in your appearance, quality headshots will last you a few years if you follow this advice.

4. Keep Attention On Your Face All of the attention should be on your face, the emotion you are casting and the character you are trying to portray. Your clothes are meant to enhance your character, not steal the spotlight. Stay away from logos. distracting patterns, glitter, sequins and flashy clothes. (These are often trend clothes, so you don't want those anyways!)

woman acting surprised for her professional headshot photoshoot

5. Listen To Your Agent/Manager If you have an agent and they suggest wardrobe or character advice, you must follow their advice. Your agent sells YOU and knows, most, what will book you more work. The best thing you can do for your agent, is to provide them variety in the advice they give you. On brand. On market. In character. This is also why hiring the right photographer, matters. Working closely with modeling and acting agencies in Los Angeles, Erin & Jake Phototgraphy headshots will help you achieve quality headshots that will book you work based on what is currently working in your market.

We will start with a consultation to discuss how we can provide you with high impact headshots. We will ask about your work goals and agency branding to help assist you in styling your headshot clothing, hair and makeup and finding your strongest character variety.

6. Wardrobe Changes For each character you need to capture, bring two or three wardrobe options. Each wardrobe change should tell a different story, show a new character role in your talent, and give a different emotion. This will lead to variation in your final headshot selections for you and your agent to choose from. On the day of your headshot photoshoot, your photographer will help assist you on deciding what wardrobe is most complimentary and what best satisfies branding efforts.

7. Hair & Makeup I know, I know... it's not technically wardrobe... BUT! Hair and Makeup does tie the entire look together. So! Light, natural, fresh-faced, youthful makeup only. Enhance your natural beauty, you don't want to over empower it. Again, all the attention needs to be on YOU, not your makeup.

You want to be well groomed, well rested and not hungover. Skip drinks all together, 24 hours before session.. at least.

Hair should be freshly cut, clean, styled and on brand. Again, nothing too flashy or distracting. Don't be afraid of hair accessories to help tie character branding together. Ask your photographer for hair stylist and makeup artist recommendations. At Erin & Jake Photography we work with hairstylist Trevor Saucier and Makeup Artist Heather Borah in Los Angeles.

female model smiles for her professional headshot photoshoot in Los Angeles

8. Glasses Wear glasses in your shoot if you wear them everyday. However, lens glare can detract from your eyes. You will need to remove the lenses and wear just the frames for your shoot.

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