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Women’s March Trump Protest In Los Angeles California

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

On January 20, 2017, The day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, we learned of the upcoming women’s march in Los Angeles and immediately knew we had to be there. Personal politics aside, it isn’t everyday you get the opportunity to photograph a movement in your own backyard that is so large the entire world takes notice. Our photojournalist instincts kicked in and we were ready to go!

With that in mind, we set out for Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday to walk among the hundreds of thousands of people who wanted to be heard. We were there to capture the moments, the emotion and the passion of the masses.

Initially, we attempted to stay on the outside of the crowd and get a good vantage point to capture the people marching. That did not work! We quickly found ourselves swallowed up by the nearly 750,000 people who marched down Broadway from 1st street to 6th street. The only chance we had was